- A Week in Smart Metering

South African City of Tshwane may be guilty of wasting money on smart prepaid meters, says
Published: Wed 08 Jul 2015

It has been interesting and alarming to note that the South African City of Tshwane has spent more than $80 million on the installation of 14,000 smart prepaid meters and supporting infrastructure, which is purported not to work.

Business association AfriSake (Afri business) has launched a legal challenge to the project, alleging that a reasonable price for the complete project would be $290 million across 800,000 meters. However, with only 14,000 meters installed, it would be interesting to know how the $75 million has been spent.

Money seems to be on everyone’s mind this week, with the British Competition and Markets Authority reporting that Britons are paying too much for energy. The CMA have suggested a number of remedies which include certain regulatory reforms, and have asked whether “safeguards such as a transitional price cap on the most expensive tariffs are needed to protect customers until other measures have led to a more competitive market.”

What do you think?  Is Tshwane guilty of wasting money or being over charged? Does Britain need more safeguards and are Britons paying too much for energy?  

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Deals for 4,6 million smart meters signed in Netherlands

Dutch utilities Alliander, Stedin, DELTA Netwerkbedrijf and Westland Infra have signed major deals for the delivery of smart meters. Iskraemeco, the smart metering providers based in Slovenia, entered into agreements to deliver a minimum of 1.6 million smart electricity meters.

US$80 million thus far for failed smart metering project

In South Africa, the City of Tshwane will hold a briefing on the 8 July on the future of its smart metering project. The so called 'Security of Revenue Programme' has cost ratepayers almost US$80 million since its inception in October 2013.

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EDMI and Australian energy company AGL Energy have signed a deal to provide software and related services for AGL's Active Stream metering service company.

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The new British Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, has not confirmed the reappointment of Baroness McDonagh as the chairman of Smart Energy GB, raising concerns in the sector, the BBC reports

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Prepaid electricity is now being offered to the residents of Naga by the Visayan Electric Company (Veco), as part of a pilot programme to assess the viability of the technology in the Philippines.