- A Week In Smart Metering

Being resourceful by detecting leaks, stopping theft and being energy efficient would save North America US$37 billion a year.
Published: Thu 23 Oct 2014

At, we have been glued to the live feed from Itron Utility Week taking place in San Antonio, Texas this week, an annual shindig for the company’s north American partners and customers.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘resourcefulness in action’ or making the best of what you have, which in this case is water, gas and electricity. The Washington-based company estimates that 30 per cent of water in the distribution system is wasted. For electricity, 5-7 per cent is lost in transit, and for shale gas, 1 per cent leaks out.

Being resourceful by detecting leaks, stopping theft and being energy efficient would save North America US$37 billion a year.

So resourcefulness translates to opportunity - to help energy companies tighten up waste, to work smarter by using analytics tools to do a lot more and to manage load by giving edge devices intelligence, such as with Itron’s new platform Riva.

We salute your innovation and for showing respect to resources without losing sight of commercial necessity.


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