- A Week in Smart Metering

The UK needs to improve its PR when it comes to the smart meter rollout, suggests's editor.
Published: Thu 12 Mar 2015

The UK is in a strange place. The government wants smart meters, but the government committee set up to oversee the rollout is warning that the initiative may ‘be a costly failure’.

Nice PR.

If you are a consumer in the UK right now, what are you expected to think? Energy companies are drawing you in with enticing customer engagement programmes with the aim of winning you over to smart meters but then the media is warning of how you will foot the bill for the new technology.

It is absolutely right and just that there should be a committee to make sure the nationwide rollout is being deployed on time, but surely there is a softer way or more private way to give feedback that won't destroy public confidence and undermine the whole initiative.

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The largest power utility in the Middle East, Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), has awarded CG, part of Indian business conglomerate the Avantha Group Company, a €3.4m contract to supply the utility with ZIV three phase smart meters.

Metering Nigeria: Lagos deploys 5k smart electricity meters

In West Africa, Nigeria’s long awaited meter installation programme appears to have begun at a small scale with the deployment of smart meters to 5,000 homes with the Lagos region.Energy company Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) told media at the weekend it had distributed advanced metering units to three districts of Lagos.

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In the UK, MPs have said the mandated nationwide smart meter rollout could be a “costly failure” as the project is in “danger of veering off-track” due to delays in the deployment schedule.

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In the US, Texas-based meter manufacturer TransData announced last week that it had received a notification from the US Patent and Trademark Office stipulating that General Electric’s requests for re-examination of its smart electric meter patent portfolio had been denied.

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In Europe, the Netherlands Telecom Agency, an organisation which oversees wireless and wired spectrum rights, will now have authority over smart meters.The agency, which is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and whose remit covers wireless and wired communication, made the announcement last week, reports Telecompaper.