- A Week in Smart Metering discusses the growing interest in and the potential of missile defence tech in smart grid applications.
Published: Wed 04 Feb 2015

Last week we saw an impressive spike in our readership and the reason was the bizarre-but-true story about Israel adapting its missile defence technology to smart grid application.

The concept behind the Iron Dome technology is pragmatic.

Algorithms assess the level of danger to civilian groups and only tells the system to fire a costly missile when the risk is deemed sufficiently high.

When applied to the grid, this translates as don’t press the panic button every time something looks like it’s going wrong. Conserve resources until the threat to the network is real and high.

Presumably what piqued the interest of our readers was the coming together of two unlikely bedfellows. But as the grid comes under more pressure - both to perform better and to perform securely - surely countries that have high levels of technological expertise in fields such as security and risk can teach the industry a thing or two.


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