- A Week in Smart Metering

Published: Tue 23 Sep 2014

Smart metering technology is taking its fair share of flack at the moment. Modules are reported as being too expensive (as highlighted in the UK Public Accounts Committee report), for potentially causing fires in North America, and for being insufficiently future-proofed as smart grids develop a pace.

The technology needs to quickly prove its worth to justify its installation and this will happen as more and more energy companies bring their deployments to fulfillment.

One niche area that is responding to the benefits offered by smart meters, however, is multi-dwelling residences and new high-rise commercial buildings. ran a story this week on how Australia is campaigning to change measurement regulations to make it easier for residents to install sub water meters in their homes. [Australia campaigns to allow sub meters in apartments to measure water use]. Now add some smart functionality to that meter and here is a new market ready to be explored.

Same with category four buildings, such as London‘s Shard. Building management companies want to monitor how much energy they are using in different areas of their building and smart meters can help. And you don’t even need an energy company on the end of it.

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UK price comparison service uSwitch has come out in support of smart metering technology and its benefits for the consumer by revealing results of a survey of smart meter users. Director of consumer policy Ann Robinson said half of smart meter households are using their smart energy display to cut energy use.

British Gas Smart Meter Challenge: week three’s focus on home appliances

UK energy giant British Gas is into the third week of its Smart Meter Challenge, which aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of in-home displays in changing consumer behaviour and prompting energy savings. Blogs from two of the participating families focus on how much energy each appliance uses and what to look for when shopping for energy efficient gadgets.

South Korea’s LG CNS secures new AMI deal in Poland

An IT affiliate of South Korean LG Group has bagged a US$45 million deal to supply advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems to Polish energy distributor Tauron in a bid to expand its reach into the European smart metering market.

Smart meter fires: what can the industry learn from the Sensus-SaskPower crisis?

As the story about Canadian electric utility SaskPower and installed Sensus smart meters catching fire continues to unravel, the potential for damage to company and utility reputations, as well as smart metering technology is substantial. Whether it is the product at fault or the installation or a combination of both remains to be seen, but in the meantime, we ask what can the industry learn from the affair?

Internet of Things: connected devices – opportunities and threats to utilities

The capacity to connect smart devices creates possibilities for an unprecedented degree of control over heating and other energy consumption, states a new white paper by IT company SQS. The study looks at how energy companies can take share of this market but only if connected devices work and don’t jeopardise consumer confidence. is the sister portal to Engerati covering global smart metering news.