KenGen-Achievements and Challenges

Eddy Njoroge, Managing Director & CEO, KenGen
Published: Thu 20 Jun 2013

KenGen has come far and it has Mr Njoroge to thank. By transforming the utility’s ownership from government to private, he increased its stakeholders significantly. He says that he had to change the staffs’ mindset in order to achieve results as they were not thinking strategically or planning for the future. Mr Njoroge says that KenGen had many plans that were never executed. Once the company became publicly-owned, accountability became a reality. “Stakeholders were expecting some form of return.” The offer attracted numerous small stakeholders who were all expecting immediate profit.

Despite the company’s new-found success, he points out that they are “not quite there.” He says that the company is ready to step up to the next level as it has the right people and structures in place. He says: “We want the company to go from good to great.”

Mr Njoroge, who received the Life Time Achievement Award from Energy Net, says that he will retire from KenGen but that he intends to stay in the energy industry. “There is a huge gap between supply and demand in Africa and I cannot sit back. I want to help African governments attract investment in order to bridge that gap.”