IT/OT – A Marriage Of Need For Smart Grid

IT/OT integration needs to be standardized to accelerate smart grid deployment.
Published: Wed 10 Dec 2014

Describing IT/OT integration as the marriage between the non-real-time world of enterprise asset management solutions and the real-time world of SCADA, GIS and other energy management solutions, Maher Chebbo, VP EMEA and head of Energy & Natural Resources, SAP, told Engerati in a European Utility Week interview that it is fundamental for the smart grid.

“We need to be able to react very quickly with two–way communications,” says Chebbo. “And we can do it today as we have fast data analysis, which is the basis.”

Smart grid in Europe

Chebbo says smart grid in Europe, with €6 billion invested in more than 300 projects, is moving ahead at a rhythm which is enabling the member states to come together and put together a vision, research agenda and deployment plan.

“The primary objective is to meet the 2020 targets, and we will be close to these,” says Chebbo, adding that smart grids will continue to meet the future 2030 objectives.

To support the deployment of smart grids and smart metering in Europe, Chebbo said ESMIG is currently working on guidelines for best practices. These will include templates for IT/OT among others.

New smart grid technologies

Looking ahead to new smart grid technologies to look out for, Chebbo mentions two. One is the emergence of advanced home technologies. The second is a project under way to develop an “app store-like platform” for demand and energy management in Europe.