Israeli Cleantech – Smart Energy Innovation For Global Challenges

Israel’s cleantech sector is growing fast, both in size and reputation, providing new opportunities to the smart energy industry globally.
Published: Fri 10 Oct 2014

“Innovation, creativity, and daring” – these are the three attributes that characterize Israel, according to Adi Bokobza, business development manager of the the Cleantech Sector at the Israel Export Institute in a recent Engerati webinar. [Engerati-Israeli Cleantech - Smart solutions to global challenges]

And with industries such as ICT, energy technology and cleantech among the leading ones in Israel, little wonder that solutions based on these attributes have global potential.

Smart energy innovation

Commenting further in the webinar, Elad Shaviv, CEO of the Israeli Smart Energy Association, said: “We have expanded from IT innovation to cleantech innovation, and now we have combined these two worlds to develop new smart energy solutions.”

The extent of this is indicated in the membership of the Association, with activities of companies ranging from smart meters and monitoring devices to revenue assurance and smart grid security solutions as well as microgrids and energy storage and management.

By way of example of the benefits of such technologies in Israel, Shaviv pointed out that the index of minutes of non-supply of electricity has decreased by 84% since the late 1980s.

“We have used these technologies and have gained good experience, and our smart energy industry is growing fast. We have companies large and small and good skills we can apply to smart energy.”

Israel at European Utility Week

In support of its mission to promote Israeli export and encourage international cooperation the Israel Export Institute is hosting a national pavilion at the upcoming European Utility Week 2014 in Amsterdam, Netherlands in November.

The nine participating companies are:

● AGM Communication & Control – distributed control networking

● CEVA Inc. – semiconductors

● Chakratec Ltd – flywheel energy storage

● cVidya Networks Ltd – revenue assurance

● CQM Ltd – energy and water saving

● ECI Telecom – telecommunication networks

● EnStorage – battery energy storage

● RADIFlow – network security

● SwitchBee – smart home products

Commenting on other areas of expertise that Israel can offer at European Utility Week, Shaviv, who also will be attending, said that Israel doesn’t have wide deployment of smart meters or smart distribution as yet, but the core network is widely automated and the utility also has a strong security centre.

“These are two areas we would be glad to share information on. We are also starting to look at microgrids and network robustness issues.”