Intelligence Coming To The Grid Edge

Itron’s newly launched Riva technology is leading the way to realizing the smart grid vision.
Published: Fri 21 Nov 2014

Itron’s new Riva platform, which combines PLC and RF communications on a single chip, was conceived as a (self-optimizing) communication solution for multiple environments – and especially to overcome the challenges of the integration of the last 10% of endpoints in a deployment, typically in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

But the intelligence it provides is also opening up new opportunities at the grid edge, explains Tim Wolf, Director Marketing Communications in an interview with Engerati at European Utility Week 2014.

Realizing value from data

Smart metering and smart grids are creating a lot of data and realizing value from that data is a key challenge, says Wolf. “But at Itron we argue that creating value from the data in the right place is an even more precise need, whether at edge of the network, in the meter, or the utility back-office, i.e. where the decision making is best made.”

The other attribute that needs to be in place is for grid devices to communicate and interoperate, Wolf continues. “In technology such as Riva there is enough processing power for those devices to speak the language of other devices. So we are starting to see the ability for devices to analyze and make decisions to take actions in response to changing grid conditions – and that’s always what we envisioned the smart grid would be.”

Watch Itron's webinar 'Convergence at the Edge: How New Technology Developments Will Change Your Smart Grid Thinking', for an extended Q&A with Tim Wolf.