The Integration of New & Old Solutions Will Optimise Utility’s Operations

The integration of new solutions will fill gaps in the utility business and provide more opportunities.
Published: Mon 01 Dec 2014

The electricity industry shows that there is an increased interest in having a better understanding of the new paradigm shifts which are occurring as a result of the move towards a more low carbon economy. This is according to Ana Domingues, Portfolio Director for Global Utilities at CGI, who Engerati interviewed at its live studio at the European Utility Week.

Utilities preparing for the future

She says that network utilities are keen to understand the implications of the transformation in the industry and want to know what it means for them. “They want to understand what their immediate opportunities are and how they should prepare themselves for the future. They want to know what solutions and technologies they should be selecting, and in which sequence they should be deployed,” explains Domingues, “Utilities are keen to understand how these solutions should be integrated in order to optimise current operations.”

Solutions are unique

Domingues points out that there is no one solution for utilities and their local markets – each have their own unique requirements.

Utilities already have large quantities of data which, if better integrated with an end-to-end business approach, a tremendous number of business opportunities can be tapped into. The integration of new and old solutions will bridge gaps and provide a wider set of business processes and opportunities, explains Domingues.