Innovating The Electric Sector

Utilities will need to encourage innovation in their operations so that change can be made possible.
Published: Fri 12 Dec 2014

In this live studio interview with Engerati at European Utility Week, Bert Bruns, Managing Partner at Bridges2Beyond explains that innovation and change is key if utilities are to prosper in an ever-changing industry.

Sustainability in the energy sector

Bridges2Beyond, a management consultancy firm that focuses on sustainability and innovation, aims to “bring some life” into various sectors of the energy industry by promoting sustainability. Bruns explains that the electrical industry is slow in a number of ways and that is partially due to the success of delivering an uninterrupted electricity service. However, old systems and regulation makes innovation very challenging. “We need to find loop holes or a space to innovate.”

Bruns discusses the importance of entrepreneurs in the industry. He says that many initiatives originate from grass roots and that start-ups need help to fit into the complex electrical system. “It is important to give entrepreneurs a kick start into the system and create a space for innovation.”