Harnessing the Right Data

Businesses need to be open to new and unexpected conclusions from the growing data volumes to create an efficient business.
Published: Mon 15 Dec 2014

In this live studio interview held at European Utility Week, Carol Stimmel, Founder of Manifest Mind, talks to Ray Kleiner, CEO of Analytics4Energy, about how choosing the right data can empower companies to make successful business decisions. His company deals with business intelligence and analytics at an enterprise level, specialising in energy efficiency.

Getting the right data

He explains that the most important thing about data is getting the right data to empower the company to make actionable business decisions.  “Sensors are becoming increasingly intelligent and they can provide and store a lot of data. For us it is about having access to the right type of data.”

He adds that the explosion of data should be harnessed to provide a better service and give management the right information, thereby creating a more efficiently-run business.

“We don’t use assumptions in what we do. If you are looking for data in the right place, the answer you get is never the one you expect. You have to be open to information that you didn’t expect.”