Harnessing the Real Economic Value of Smart Meters

Utilities should view the smart meter as providing new value added services and opportunities.
Published: Thu 11 Dec 2014

In this live studio interview with Engerati at European Utility Week, Antoine Garibal, Group Vice President, Energy & Utilities, Atos, says that utilities are beginning to shift their focus to the end customer out of necessity.

Avoiding customer churn with smart technology

To avoid high customer churn on the retail side, utilities realise that they have to understand who their customers are so that they are able to drive or encourage customers’ behaviour. He says that they have to revolutionalise the way in which they interact with their customers and to achieve this objective, utilities are deploying smart meter architecture.

The real value of smart meters

Atos has designed a first portfolio of value added services that can be implemented on top of any smart meter architecture. “The solution will help utilities understand the real value of smart meters. They will realise that the smart meter can offer new revenue streams.” Garibal says that many utilities are still hesitant when they look at the economic model of smart metering. But, he says the message from Atos is that they should broaden their focus and look at new ways of creating value from smart technology.

“It is all about broadening the economic model. The smart meter should not be viewed as an asset cost only- it should be viewed as a revenue opportunity.”