Google launches new IoT management service

The new Google Cloud Platform makes it easier for utilities to upload large amounts of data from connected devices.
Published: Thu 18 May 2017

Google Cloud has launched a new Internet of Things (IoT) management service which could help large organisations like utilities better manage IoT devices and the data that these generate.

The new Cloud offering, Google Cloud IoT Core, consists of two parts: a MQTT (message queue telemetry transport) bridge that receives the data from customer devices and transmits them to Google’s Pub/Sub service. Once the data has been processed, the second new part- Device Manager- returns the data to the connected device.

Secure device connection for utilities

Google Cloud IoT Core aims to assist organisations like utilities and transportation agencies that need to connect globally distributed devices to the Google Cloud Platform securely.

With this service, data can be centrally managed and integrated with Google's data analytics services.

Cloud IoT Core provides a communications bridge between Google analytics and devices in the field.

Many devices, including solar inverters, are dependent on distinct or arcane data protocols that Google services can translate without manual intervention.With this service, utilities will be able to transmit control commands to meters.  

Data analytics company Energyworx has been testing the new service for two months now.

The company, which provides data analytics solutions to utilities, has been using Google cloud services for three years. Energyworx deployed the new Cloud IoT Core to obtain real-time data readings from thousands of solar inverters and electric vehicle charging ports that have been deployed in California as well as other locations.

Over the next few years, Edwin Poot, founder of Energyworx, says he intends to test the capability of the new cloud solution around the assimilation of utility smart meter data.   

IoT management services-a fast growing market

Google is not the first to develop a new IoT management service. It joins a fast-growing market which has seen Microsoft launching its Azure IoT Edge and Amazon with its AWS IoT platform. The IoT managed services market size is expected to grow from US$21.85bn in 2016 to US$79.60bn by 2021, corresponding to a compounded growth rate of 29.5% over this period.

With the needs of customers growing in complexity in response to escalating quantities of data from millions of devices, IoT management services are becoming essential to their sustainability in the market place. Today, companies need solutions to assist with device validation and data assimilation.  

Google Cloud IoT Core is aimed at assisting companies with this level of work and complexity.

By packaging this as a service, Google aims to make their load lighter by providing the infrastructure and services required to manage high levels of data using Google’s software services like Google Cloud Dataflow, Google BigQuery, and Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine.

Customers are able to work alongside third-party partners like ARM, Intel and Sierra Wireless for their IoT hardware and Helium, Losant or Tellmeplus for building their applications.

Google Cloud IoT Core will be launched in public beta and will be available by the end of the year.