Going Digital to Provide More Services

Utilities will need to embrace digitization if they are to keep their customers.
Published: Fri 05 Dec 2014

In this live studio interview at European Utility Week, Perry Stoneman, Corporate VP & Global Head of Sectors & Utilities Global Sector Leader, Capgemini discusses the digital revolution that utilities are undergoing.

Digital revolution

The world is in the middle of a digital revolution and industries have to adapt to and adopt new technologies in order to stay ahead. “Digital technologies are changing our lives and companies like Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are dominating the digital landscape. These companies are changing how consumers want to interact. They are putting devices in the household and are starting to have conversations about energy. If I was a utility and I saw the Nest thermostat in my customers’ house, I would want to understand what the end game is going to look like.”

Stoneman says that there are utilities that do not know how to tackle the digital revolution. He adds that consumers want the option of being able to engage with the utility through a smart device instead of paper and utilities will have to provide it.

Becoming an energy service provider

The future of utilities is to provide energy services, explains Stoneman. These could include solar panel rentals, energy audits and advice on how to change consumption behaviour, thereby reducing electricity usage through energy efficiency.

“Utilities need to develop a richer experience with their end customers and get into the house.”

Capgemini will be discussing how utilities can use technology to their benefit in our webinar Exploit the Power of New Technologies with Capgemini on 23 April 2015.