GEI Global Energy Partners with AISVEC for Italy Fuel Cell Deployment

Strategic partnership will lower energy costs in Italy and eventually Europe.
Published: Mon 21 Jul 2014

GEI Global Energy, a fuel cell electric power generation company, has announced a joint venture partnership with Italy-based firm Associazione Italiana per lo Sviluppo Economico (AISVEC) to deploy its fuel efficient electric power generation devices in Italy and Europe.

The joint venture aims to leverage the growing natural gas supply infrastructure globally. [Engerati-What’s the Existential Threat to Utilities? Here’s a Hint-It’s Not the EPA’s Clean Power Plan].

European market will benefit

GEI Global Energy is a fuel cell electric power generation firm which intends to offer clean and inexpensive energy solutions for developing economies. Vice President of AISVEC, Alessio Montanarini says that GEI’s advanced hybrid fuel cell technology will help to bring down the escalating energy costs in Europe. He says that this could be of paramount significance especially in a market affecting over 500 million people.

Alessio Montanarini, AISVEC Vice President, describes their plans: “Initially, the partnership will focus on the Italian market and later on Europe, the Balkans and CIS countries, addressing the 3000 public authorities and private companies connected to AISVEC. To this end, AISVEC is negotiating with governmental authorities in Central and Eastern Europe with regards to fuel supply, power requirements, and economic development”.

Removing the commercialization barrier

“The GEI goal is to remove the fuel infrastructure as a commercialization barrier, and to provide the GEI hybrid fuel cell electric power generation technology to large scale potential consumers and thereby lowering manufacturing costs”, stated Dr. K. J. Berry, GEI Chairman and CEO. “The partnership between the two firms will enable European companies to install the GEI hybrid fuel cell cogeneration power system, and take advantage of the new EU Policy on Climate Change. Also, companies will be able to leverage the large scale methane and natural gas infrastructure system presently in Italy and the rest of Europe to become grid independent.”

Both companies plan to launch a pilot plant and technology showcase by October 2014 to a small municipality in Northern Italy. This plant will provide over 6,000 kW-hr per month of CHP (Combined Heat and Power)

The partnership will focus on clean, efficient and environmentally friendly electric power systems within public owned buildings, shopping malls, commercial real estate, and industries.

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