The Full Potential of Smart Metering Is Still Untapped

To harness the full potential of smart metering, utilities need to build competencies and learn from one another.
Published: Fri 19 Jun 2015

In a live studio interview at African Utility Week, Jesper Daugaard, Marketing Director, Kamstrup, says that the company’s metering solutions can help to build trust between the utility and the consumer when it comes to accurate billing, help utilities to recover lost revenue for services, and reduce water and electricity losses. Daugaard adds that it serves to help customers take more responsibility for their consumption habits.

Metering to drive water conservation

He explains that smart water networks lags behind electricity networks and that there really should be more focus on metering of water, since it is such a critical commodity. To resolve water supply shortages, smart water metering is one solution. He adds that in general, not much focus is placed on saving water since it is not as expensive as electricity. While in-home-displays and dynamic pricing can certainly help to reduce unnecessary waste, Daugaard says that it is important for consumers to understand that they are part of a community and that everyone has a part to play in water conservation.

Helping utilities to share learnings

With regards to smart metering for electricity, Daugaard points out that utilities are yet to unlock the full potential of smart metering probably due to a lack of competency. “Smart metering provides new challenges which must be overcome in time. Also, it is important that utilities change their mindset.”

To help utilities learn more about various metering challenges and how to overcome these effectively, Kamstrup has positioned itself as the “bridge” between utilities so that learnings are shared more freely, even across borders.