Finnish energy distributor outsources smart meter ops to Landis+Gyr

Finland’s Caruna has chosen Landis+Gyr to operate and manage its AMI comprising 650,000 smart meter customers.
Published: Mon 03 Jul 2017

The contract was signed this month and will be valid from the end of 2018 for a period of six years, with an option for renewal for three years.

Real-time data insight 

Landis+Gyr will be responsible for smart meter data acquisition and processing, as well as providing Caruna with real-time insights on the performance of its grid network.

The solution enables consumers to access their energy consumption data on an hourly basis. Landis+Gyr will manage the data communications infrastructure, owned by Caruna, and ensure field workers are provided with grid data relating to the failure of grid assets, thereby reducing the duration and occurrence of power outages.

Katriina Kalavainen, Head of Customer Relations at Caruna, said: “We want to provide excellent service to our customers and strive to meet their needs today and in the future. Reliability of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) operations is the basis for empowering our customers to follow their energy consumption and improve their energy efficiency.”

Ongoing modernisation of the energy distribution network

Caruna completed the deployment of its advanced metering infrastructure three years ago, as part of its efforts to modernise its energy distribution network. 

Since then, the utility has been using the smart meter infrastructure under a managed service model.

The DSO says it invests over €200m per annum to upgrade its grid system. Preparations for the takeover and integration of the current meter park into the Landis+Gyr service platform will start immediately.

Caruna network investments

The smart meter deployment is the latest move by Caruna to solving future challenges of power companies. The utility has just launched a network upgrade project that will take a decade to complete. The company is investing ‎€238m in its network upgrade, approximately double the group’s operating profit.

The aim is to improve the reliability of electricity distribution for its customers and to reduce operating losses. Depreciation from network assets and financing costs were the main contributors to last year’s loss of €32 million.

The investment is also in response to the more stringent targets for security of supply as laid down by the Electricity Market Act.  

Caruna is committed to meeting its statutory targets by 2028 when, in the case of outages caused by adverse weather conditions, the company will be able to restore the power for customers within six hours in urban areas and 36 hours in rural areas.

“The Finnish electricity network mainly consists of overhead lines, installed in the 1960s and 1970s.

"The technology used in this network has now reached its service life. In addition to achieving our security of supply targets, we are modernising the electricity network over a 40-year period, to meet the needs of a changing society and support the future energy system,” said Caruna’s Acting CEO, CFO Jyrki Tammivuori, in a company statement.

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