E.ON's virtual power plant to stabilise Germany’s grid

German airport management company, Fraport, will use E.ON’s VPP to provide Frankfurt airport with stable power.
Published: Wed 09 Aug 2017

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German energy company E.ON will integrate the emergency power generators of airport operator Fraport at Frankfurt airport in its virtual power plant.  

The four emergency diesel generators can feed up to 5MW of additional power into the public grid within seconds, according to E.ON.

Autonomous power supply

Fraport AG and its 24 airport holdings on three continents make it one of the leading international companies in the airport business.

At its home base in Frankfurt, Fraport AG aims to supply a stable power supply to all airport facilities that are connected to the supply network. Its 68 emergency power generators ensure that, even in the event of a power failure, airport operations can resume without interruption.

During a power failure, the Fraport AG network disconnects itself from the public grid and the emergency power generators provide Frankfurt airport with an autonomous supply of power. In such an event, access to the generators by E.ON's virtual power plant is automatically interrupted and not reactivated until the power supply at the airport has stabilised.

Virtual power plants enable energy transition

Through its virtual power plant, E.ON can directly draw on the power generation facilities of its customers to stabilise the power grid when demand is too high or too low. Frankfurt Airport will also now be able to feed additional energy into the power grid within seconds.

'Virtual power plants are an important component in meeting the challenges posed by the energy transition. Together with Fraport AG, we have found a solution that lets emergency power generators contribute to the energy transition,' says Johannes Werhahn, Head of Flexibility, Renewables Marketing & Storage Solutions at E.ON Connecting Energies GmbH.

'Our emergency power units primarily serve to supply the Frankfurt airport with power to ensure that operations can continue in the event of an outage. Through the successful marketing and integration of our units into the virtual power plant, we now generate additional income as long as no emergency power supply is required at the airport. In this way, Fraport is making an important contribution to the success of the energy transition,' says Christian Balletshofer, Head of Real Estate at Fraport AG.

E.ON has also just connected a wind farm to its virtual power plant, as part of its efforts to contribute to the stability of Germany’s electricity grid.