E.ON selects Finnish firm to support Swedish smart meter operations

Energy company E.ON has chosen IT software provider Tieto to improve the collection of its consumer energy consumption data in Sweden.
Published: Tue 13 Jun 2017

E.ON has signed a three-year contract with Finnish-based Tieto to use its Smart Utility software-as-a-service solution, aimed at supporting the utility’s distribution operations for the collection of meter values including field services for the Skåne area in southern Sweden.

E.ON intends to use the software to automate the assimilation of energy consumption data from approximately 150,000 smart electric meters in Skåne. The cloud-based technology will enable E.ON to safely integrate its data hubs and centrally access energy consumption data.

Under the deal, E.ON will leverage Tieto’s data centres in the Nordic region to securely store its grid data.

E.ON planning for tomorrow’s grid

The contract forms part of E.ON’s plans to digitalise its operations so as to meet current and future regulation of grid networks and utility firms.

Robert Tretinjak, Head of the Second Generation Smart Metering Programme at E.ON, said: "The Swedish energy market is facing a massive change. The implementation of Tieto Smart Utility will help us to reach efficiency and standardization in collection of meter values… to serve our customers in the best possible way."

Just last year, E.ON established their Digital Business Unit, which aims to further develop digital market-oriented products, the digitalisation of processes and the development of big data solutions.

E.ON is already at the forefront of digital solutions in the new energy world.

Over one million E.ON customers use digital solutions such as the mobile app ‘SmartCheck’. This digital platform allows private customers to compare their energy consumption with other households and continually monitor energy usage. It also provides individually tailored energy-saving tips and enables customers to dynamically adjust their monthly payments. 

E.ON chief executive Johannes Teyssen said in a statement recently that the company is now placing impetus behind a vision driven by renewables, smarter grids and digitalisation of clean frameworks.

He explained: “We intend to be a pacesetter in the digitalisation of the energy business. Increasingly, digitalisation will be a defining feature of the solutions we offer our customers. The energy future is green, distributed, and digital.”

E.ON supports other utilities

Earlier this year, E.ON received a certificate of approval from the Federal Office for Information Security to manage smart meter operation, configuration and data processing as a smart meter gateway administrator.

The certificate confirms that E.ON’s Information Security Management System complies with the Technical Guideline 03109-6 of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as well as ISO 27001 and meets the high-security standards specified by the legislator for gateway administration.

The certificate gives E.ON the ability to offer all IT services related to the installation and operation of smart meters not only to its own network operators but also to municipal utilities.

Paul-Vincent Abs, Managing Director of E.ON Metering, said: "Setting up your own certified system is time-consuming and costly. This is where we can support municipal utilities with our service."