Envisioning a global energy platform

Chinese company Envision Energy wants to develop a global ecosystem whereby all energy actors are interconnected on one digital platform.
Published: Thu 27 Jul 2017

Envision Energy's Chief Executive Officer Lei Zhang has announced that his company is working towards creating a platform that will enable the interconnection of solar and wind farms, power plants, utilities, big electricity customers and all of the application and software developers on a single, digital platform.

Energy IoT and Smart City Technology Alliance

To enable and support the progress of this platform, Envision has created an alliance group called the Energy IoT and Smart City Technology Alliance which has recently attracted the likes of Microsoft and Accenture, strong supporters and enablers of the energy sector’s digitilisation. The Alliance is expected to attract more pioneers and innovators.

The alliance's mission is to integrate the silos of different energy domains, helping members to carry out a successful energy transition by looking for more efficient networks that interconnect buildings, industry parks, vehicles, power generation plants, electric distribution, storages and end-user consumptions that create “smart” cities.

Each alliance partner brings their own expertise to compliment and empower this partnership. Microsoft's Azure Cloud Platform provides secure and flexible data storage and computing; and Accenture's Enterprise Service ensures a seamless application integration process. Envision intends to use ARM mbed to collect intelligence from physical assets to EnOS™ IoT platform so as to transform utility sector applications.

A global energy technology revolution

By integrating digital technology and energy, a new system of services will be created and enable a better quality of life and more efficient, clean and reliable energy consumption, according to Zhang. He explained further that the idea of the ecosystem is about “connecting so many assets around the world so that any application developer can plug in like the Apple Store. We’re helping them reach more customers.”

Zhang says that Envision is viewing the energy sector in a more holistic way: “The old energy paradigm is breaking down and will be replaced by a new era of energy. Envision is leading a global energy technology revolution in an open and collaborative way. The purpose of this alliance is to accelerate the digital transition and solve challenges through great team work.” 

Going forward, the Alliance will focus on enhancing technological and network exchanges and beneficial business practices among its member companies. Those efforts are expected to result in an increase in R&D spending as well as industry standardisation which will boost the energy industry’s digital transformation.

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