More reasons to halt UK smart metersSurprise - You can’t trust energy suppliers to do anything, says Engerati member Nick Hunn.
Attacking utilities: An insider’s look at the SnoPUD cyber intrusionTakeaways from a successful infiltration at SnoPUD are shared by Billy Rios, WhiteScope, LLC and NexDefense ICS Cybersecurity Fellow.
Optimising wind farm performance through efficient asset managementMinor adjustments to wind farm asset operations can make a significant difference to its financial performance in the long run.
Week in smart metering - Storage on the gridCost effective storage should lead to relieving pressure on energy security, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
Tidal energy breaks through in ScotlandThe Shetland Tidal Array is the first offshore tidal array to become fully operational.
UK’s competitive energy market boosts switching Energy customer switches have risen by 30% with millions of customers changing suppliers in the first half of the year.
Minigrids empowering communitiesSolarCity’s non-profit GivePower Foundation has launched a minigrid programme to power communities in the developing world.
PG&E’s EV plans-oversized or visionary? All eyes are on PG&E’s plug-in depot plan which is set to be the country’s largest deployment.
Cellular IoT – a new paradigm for utility communicationsModern mainstream cellular IoT technologies bear the promise of inexpensive, ubiquitous and standardized solutions for utility applications.
Japan ploughs billions into Africa’s electricity sectorJapan is to invest $30 billion in Africa’s critical infrastructure over the next three years.
Green Button: Engaging consumers in national energy goals60 million homes and businesses, predominantly in US, have access to their electricity usage information online through the Green Button initiative.
Grass-the next biofuel home heating market?Innovation and government support will accelerate the biomass market which is yet to compete with fossil fuels and other renewables.
Utility investment at the grid edgeUtility investment in disruptive technologies is on the increase as they transition to energy service companies.
National Grid Massachusetts powers into the futureNational Grid in Massachusetts is ticking all the boxes when it comes to prioritising their customers and energy efficiency.
Week in smart metering - Looking towards European Utility WeekSmart city Barcelona is host to European Utility Week 2016, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
Peer-to-peer energy trading pioneers in BritainGood Energy is deploying Open Utility’s Piclo renewable energy marketplace for UK business consumers.
China ups the ante in Nigerian power infrastructureForeign investors plough billions of dollars into Africa’s energy sector as its vast potential is recognised.
Australia’s homes just got smarterAustralia’s smart home market growth has been limited by various challenges but startup Evergen may just ignite some much needed competition.
North American utilities pioneer self-healing grids New smart grid technologies are opening the way for ready to implement self-healing grids.
Nice Grid – A smart solar district demonstratedProsumers were key to realizing a smart solar district in the Nice Grid demonstration.

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Electric utilities lose billions in revenue due to energy theft and debt.

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So the Energy Revolution is here to stay but what does it mean in real terms? What will be the role of Utilities in this fast evolving space?

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The implementation of a new management system for ongoing deployment of massive smart metering infrastructures is a huge challenge for utilities.

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