Week in smart metering - IoT cyber security challengeLast week's US internet outage highlights IoT and cyber vulnerabilities, writes Claire Volkwyn, editor, Metering & Smart Energy International
SEAF – Advancing energy efficiency funding in EuropeThe Smart Energy Asset Framework (SEAF) is aimed to enable the energy efficiency market opportunity in Europe.
Shaping the energy future for Barcelona 2016Engerati attended the European Utility Week 2016 Advisory Committee Meeting in Barcelona to take the energy pulse of colleagues in the industry.
Fortum puts customers at the heart in NordicsFortum is to implement Enoro’s CIS as a ‘software as a service’ for 700,000 customers in Finland and Norway.
IT/OT convergence: What does this look like for the modern day utility?Adarsh Krishnan and Eugenio Pasqua, both of ABI Research highlight the business benefits of IT/OT convergence.
Reshaping the European energy landscape Europe's digital transformation starts now, writes Maher Chebbo, Digital Task Force at ETP SmartGrids.
ADMS in practice: The real results of a promising technologySchneider Electric outlines how advanced distribution management lives up to its promises.
Empowered customers in smart citiesCustomers are active participants, forcing massive transformations of the sector, writes Paul Budde, Executive Director, Smart Grid Australia.
Meeting the remote minigrid energy management challengeDemand management is being used to optimize energy use in the hydro-power network of a west Scotland community
Week in smart metering - Resourceful solutions to address utility challengesReport from Itron Utility Week by Gerald Schreiner, business development director, Metering & Smart Energy International.
Microgrids in the 21st century power systemMicrogrids are seen as a fundamental building block of the emerging power system architecture.
EV batteries get new life through vehicle-to-grid integrationUtilities are piloting the use of electric vehicle (EV) batteries to facilitate a host of ancillary grid services.
Harnessing mobile for utility customer engagementTendril’s new MyHome mobile app is designed to offer a personalized and unified customer engagement experience.
Utilities recognising blockchain opportunitiesUtilities are beginning to take notice of the transformative potential of blockchain technology.
Could UK have small modular reactors by 2030?Small modular reactors could support decarbonisation of heating in UK if deployed as CHP.
Meeting the smart meter head end challengeManaging advanced metering infrastructure operations is key for the business case.
Week in smart metering - 'You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink'What about customers who remain sceptics of smart grid technologies, asks Amy Ryan, deputy editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
Smart metering – preparing for end-to-end rolloutUtilities require vendors to stretch the capabilities of their end-to-end smart metering solutions.
Microsoft goes smart grid with Agder Energi Microsoft’s Azure will demonstrate the potential of the cloud in powering smart grid solutions for Agder Energi.
Grid operator and consumers creating a smarter grid, togetherThe UK’s electricity grid is more flexible thanks to data exchanges with thousands of smart appliances.

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