Energy Storage Is One Solution to Attaining Flexibility

The right framework should be developed to find the most sustainable and cost-effective solution for grid flexibility.
Published: Fri 17 Oct 2014

In a live studio interview at the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) we spoke to Gunnar Lorenz, Head of Unit Markets, Eurelectric (European Electricity Industry Association), who describes the role of energy storage in creating sustainability.

“Energy storage is just one way of providing flexibility in the market systems. With the transition towards intermittent renewables, the electricity chain is facing some challenges and these are in flexibility. You need flexibility on the networks for example, more flexibility for portfolio optimization and balancing. Storage could be one important provider of this flexibility alongside other power plants, more interconnectors, demand side participation and even research and development,” says Lorenz.

He adds that it is important to look at the whole value chain and try optimise the system with various solutions including energy storage.

While energy storage may not be the silver bullet in attaining the required grid flexibility, Europe must create the right framework so that the right storage technologies can meet the challenge of attaining flexibility. The idea is to find the most sustainable and most cost-effective solution, he says. “Storage may just need more time in research and development in order to reveal more benefits especially in distributed energy storage.”