Energy Storage-The Answer to Africa’s Energy Woes

Energy storage is the answer to Africa’s grid pressures and renewables are the key to its future.
Published: Mon 22 Jun 2015

Owen Lock, Application Manager for Energy Storage at S&C Electric at African Utility Week, shares his views on the energy storage market in Africa, which he says is still in its infancy. He says that energy storage will help to resolve capacity and generation issues, as well as support the uptake and integration of renewables into the network. In addition, storage will help utilities to better utilise their existing infrastructure since it will help alleviate pressure on the grid.

He touches on the significance of energy storage battery solutions, specifically pointing to the Tesla battery, and how storage will boost further renewables development.

Game-changing storage solutions

Lock also points to the fact that while R&D in energy storage is ongoing, there seems to now be more collaboration which should see a more rapid movement towards the development of game-changing storage solutions.

He goes on to explain how S&C Electric’s expertise lies in the interface between the energy storage system and the grid. He says that this places the firm in a knowledgeable position since they have real hands on experience with how different battery technologies perform in the field.