Energy Storage – Three Product Innovations

Alstom Grid’s MaxSine eStorage, Chakratec’s Kinetic battery storage and Electrovaya’s Li-ion SuperPolymer 2.0 are recognized for product innovation.
Published: Mon 17 Nov 2014

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Recognizing the role of product innovation as a driver in today’s energy industry, MaxSine eStorage from Alstom Grid was recognized as the most innovative Energy Storage product at European Utility Week 2014.

The runners up in this product category were Chakratec Ltd’s Kinetic battery energy storage technology and Electrovaya’s Lithium Ion SuperPolymer 2.0 energy storage system

Overall product winner was the Outage Lifecycle Management solution from Ventyx, which also won in the Smart Metering, ICT and Grid Security category. [Engerati-Energy ICT And Data Leads Product Innovation]

MaxSine eStorage (Alstom Grid)

MaxSine eStorage is a modular battery grid energy storage system, which is installed with a power converter and real-time control software. Each module is connected to a battery up to 2MW, and with additional modules, storage capacity can reach 12MW.

At generation level, MaxSine eStorage offers a back-up solution for times when electricity resources are in high demand. At distribution and city level, the solution helps consumers to better manage their energy and to buy when prices are lower.

MaxSine eStorage is deployed at the Nice Grid smart grid demonstration in France. The aim is to create a local microgrid integrating MaxSine eStorage connected to 200 solar panel sites.

Kinetic battery energy storage (Chakratec)

Israeli storage company Chakratec’s Kinetic energy storage system is based around an array of innovative kinetic batteries, managed by a smart management system that enables the customer to maximize benefits by dynamically allocating storage resources for the main use cases including energy time shift, UPS, regulation, etc.

The aim is to offer a system with unlimited charge/discharge cycles that is totally green and easily deployable.

Lithium Ion SuperPolymer 2.0 (Electrovaya)

Canadian battery company Electrovaya’s Lithium Ion SuperPolymer 2.0 solution is an advanced battery solution for smart grid and uninterrupted power supply needs, including custom systems on the electricity distribution chain.

The technology is distinguished by two critical features, which together overcome the standard challenges of packaging, performance and volume cost. These are a superior energy density, resulting in smaller and lighter systems, and a large-format prismatic cell design that enables large-system scale up.

The company’s most recent supply contract is with Walmart Canada.