Energy ICT And Data Leads Product Innovation

Ventyx’s Outage Lifecycle Management solution was recognized as the most innovative product at European Utility Week 2014.
Published: Tue 11 Nov 2014
Product innovation is a key driver in today’s energy industry. In recognition, for the first time at European Utility Week 2014, a product innovation award was run, with Outage Lifecycle Management from Ventyx the winner in the Smart Metering, ICT and Grid Security category as well as the product overall winner.

Runners up in the category are C3 Energy with their Smart Grid Analytics software, and Altran with the STE²AM virtual power plant.

“Innovation plays a fundamental role as an accelerator for new products and solutions, and as a threat to old business models,” commented Jens Weinmann, programme director at ESMT, who chaired the judging committee. “Based on complementary criteria like originality, practicality and sustainability, our committee selected a strong set of contenders for the 2014 EUW Product Innovation Awards.”

Outage Lifecycle Management (Ventyx)

The Outage Lifecycle Management solution was released in June 2013 as a “complete solution” to help utilities more effectively manage the end-to-end process for minimizing the impact of major storm outages. It addresses every key business process in the outage management lifecycle, from planning and preparation, to communications with customers, through to final restoration of service and regulatory reporting.

The solution was developed with guidance from leading utility companies including DTE Energy. As part of DTE Energy’s smart grid program, the Detroit-based utility worked to further improve fault detection, outage management and asset maintenance through the deployment of Ventyx software. Following the initial success of those initiatives, Ventyx leveraged this knowledge and expertise into Outage Lifecycle Management.

“On top of numerous daily challenges, new threats like extreme weather conditions, cyber threats and rising global demand have created the ‘perfect storm’ for utilities to rethink how they manage energy outages,” said Jens Birgersson, head of ABB's Network Management Business Unit. “Ventyx designed Outage Lifecycle Management to help customers weather the storm by better planning, preparing and responding to outages to minimize their overall impact and duration.”

New implementations of Outage Lifecycle Management announced at European Utility Week are in South Africa with the City of Cape Town’s Electricity Services Department, and in Turkey with the country’s largest utility CLK Enerji. The latter will be implemented under a new global partnership of Ventyx with Wipro Ltd.

Smart Grid Analytics software (C3Energy)

C3 Energy’s Smart Grid Analytics is intended as a unified and cohesive software-as-a-service product architecture to enable utility operators to realize the full benefit of their smart grid and energy system investments.

Applications include AMI Operations, Revenue Protection, Customer Reliability & Safety, Asset & System Risk, Voltage Optimization, Customer Segmentation & Targeting, Demand Response Analytics, Substation Automation, Volt/VAR Optimization, and Outage Analysis, Prediction & Restoration.

By integrating billions of data points and applying machine learning and advanced analytics in real time, AMI Operations and Revenue Protection pinpoint meter health and detect fraud with 90% accuracy compared to an industry standard of 30%. These applications are used by leading utilities in Europe and North America, spanning 42 million meters, and deliver €10-20 per meter/year in economic benefit.

STE²AM (Altran)

Altran’s STE²AM VPP was developed as a smart green energy management platform to improve flexibility in the production and consumption of wind and solar power. [Engerati- Virtual Power Plant (VPP) – A Tool for Optimal Use of Flexibilities]

The platform is capable of instantly compensating swings in production by either storing electricity or temporarily holding back demand from large customers, and thus generating savings or additional revenues for the various stakeholders involved. Based on the real option theory approach, fast calculations are enabled, even with a huge number of assets, and guaranteeing robust trading strategies on all markets.