Energy Firms Partner To Enhance Microgrid Delivery

A group of eleven energy product and service providers are partnering to improve the delivery of microgrids and distributed generation projects.
Published: Wed 20 Aug 2014

With the ever growing number of companies in the renewable energy sector it can be difficult for project developers to narrow down potential providers who will deliver.

Partnership of companies

To assist, HOMER Energy has established a partnership of companies that are involved in the development of microgrids and distributed renewable energy technologies.

The current partners include the global power companies ABB and Schneider Electric; battery and other storage providers Trojan Battery, American Vanadium, Discover Energy and Shipstone Energy Storage Systems; solar power product provider GoSol Power; and renewable and energy product and services providers Leonics, Cadmus and Sustainable Power Systems.

Recommendations for projects

HOMER Energy director of sales Jason Barton told Engerati that with the company involved in the early stage of project development and insight with its microgrid modelling software, it is frequently approached to recommend companies that might be involved in other project aspects. Up to now this has been done on an ad hoc basis but with the takeoff of the market arose the need to formalize it. The partners include both companies that HOMER Energy had worked with previously, as well as others that have known track records.

“We try to retain objectivity and neutrality, so there is overlap as we prefer to be able to offer several options, but we want to be confident that if someone goes to any of those companies through us, that company will be able to deliver well,” said Barton.

Barton added that the number of storage companies is indicative of the activity and need in this area.

Several more companies are expected to join the partnership in the coming months