Energy Efficiency Will Help Alleviate Thailand’s Supply Issues

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand suggests that large power consumers use energy more efficiently.
Published: Wed 08 Jul 2015

In this live studio interview at Asian Utility Week, Cherid Kalayanamitr, Chief EIA Department, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), discusses the challenge of controlling peak consumption and increasing Thailand’s supply.

Energy efficiency will alleviate grid stress

He says that the promotion of energy efficiency will help to alleviate the high consumption levels especially during peak times. He says that a change in consumption is needed to alleviate stress on the grid. He suggests that large power users like hotels as well as industrial businesses should generate their own power using generators during peak times. He does point out that due to the high cost of oil and diesel fuel, the generators may not be so appealing to these large power consumers. In that case, these companies should be encouraged to use their power more efficiently.

Thailand’s clean power plans

Thailand gets most of its power from natural gas (70%) whereas renewable power accounts for a very small portion (7%). Mr Kalayanamitr discusses how the country will be reducing its use of natural gas to 40% by the year 2020. The country is looking at using clean coal and increasing its renewable generation levels. Sources include a wide mix such as solar, wind and biomass. The country intends to develop this renewable power through Very Small Power Producers (VSPP). Mr Kalayanamitr discusses the growing opportunities for these small power producers.


In conclusion, Mr Kalayanamitr discusses how EGAT is working hard to improve the power supply as well as customer communication.