Enel Goes Open Power

Enel is rebranding itself as the Open Power platform for its future growth globally.
Published: Mon 29 Feb 2016

We have written on Engerati frequently of the need for power companies to build brand loyalty as part of the customer engagement process. [see e.g. Engerati-E.ON Customer Engagement: The Business Case]

Key for this is the brand of the company itself, as its ‘face’ in all its communications with customers, whether on the bill or via social media.

Enel rebrands

Responding to the transformation in the energy sector, Enel is now rebranding itself as ‘Open Power’.

With eye-catching, colourful new logos for the parent brand and subsidiaries Enel Green Power and Endesa, the company says Open Power is its “platform for growth, combining the strength of our global organization with the opportunities of an open and connected world.”

Open Power is “open and collaborative to enable everybody to participate. It's alive and empowers people to experiment. It's always moving, to constantly provoke change and innovation.”

At the heart of this new expression sits “the cursor, an iconic visual symbol that represents Open Power. The cursor is the starting point of energy: it's always moving, always energetic, echoing the very core behind the power of a light bulb - the filament.”

And with this branding Enel is taking the lead - it “positions us differently from any of the other large utilities,” the company claims.

A global presence

Enel and Endesa have a presence as generator, distributor and/or supplier in all the regions of the world, especially Europe and the Americas.

Enel is currently in the throes of implementing a new digital strategy to drive the company towards sustainability, both within its business and in its approach to customers. [Engerati-Digital Innovation – Enel’s Experience]

Open innovation

Enel is also embracing the ‘Open innovation’ approach, encouraging innovation from startups and other players outside the company. For example, in 2015 among other activities Enel joined the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) to support the most interesting continental startups and supported the INCENSe (Internet Cleantech ENablers Spark) business accelerator for clean technology companies, while the new Energy Start programme was launched to support startups in Latin America.

Endesa launched the Las ideas se mueven (Ideas move) initiative in partnership with the Fundación Universidad Empresa (FUE) to promote creativity in the electricity field by students under 26 years of age, and in February launched a Datathon to encourage development of innovative business proposals based on Big Data.

The new branding fits well with the digital strategy and these other ‘open’ activities, as it does with accolades such as the recognition by “Fortune” magazine as 5th in the ranking of the 50 companies that can change the world and inclusion in the FTSE4Good performance index.

Still, there is a lot of marketing speak behind the new branding and how it will resonate with customers remains to be seen. But if the imaging on the new website is anything to go by and is carried through, then all the right boxes are being ticked for Open Power to achieve its aims.