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Endesa invests in €11.5m energy storage system

Spanish utility Endesa signs an agreement to build the largest electric battery system in Spain.
Published: Mon 18 Sep 2017

The 20MW/11.7MWh utility-scale lithium-ion battery storage system will be located at the Carboneras thermoelectric plant, owned by Endesa in Almeria city.

The utility, supplying power to approximately 10 million consumers in Spain, will invest up to €11.5m towards the development of the energy storage plant.

The project involves the installation of 24 battery energy packs developed by Electro Power Systems (EPS) and Lion and inverters and transformers developed by ABB.

Endesa’s modernisation plans

The programme forms part of Endesa’s plans to modernise its base load plants to be able to meet peak demand.

The project forms part of the general evolution of the Carboneras plant to better serve the current electricity system. A significant penetration of intermittent renewable energies, specifically wind power, is forcing the plant to adjust its production and implement backup functions to meet electricity demand around the clock.

The development is also expected to lower maintenance costs for the Carboneras thermoelectric plant apart from increasing the lifespan of the energy generation system. The Carboneras thermoelectric plant is a baseload plant, which has been in operation since 1985. During the last 30 years the plant has been continuously updated to serve the Spanish electricity system effectively.

Enel, owners of Endesa, is investing €240m in new installations to substantially improve plant efficiency and environmental performances reducing NOx and SO2 emissions, fully complying with European environmental regulations.

The energy storage system is expected to be operational by June 2018.

Great growth potential

The project falls under the set of initiatives being developed by the Enel Group to position itself in this new technology that has great growth potential, given its technical characteristics and its fast response time, together with the decrease in costs in relation to this technology. 

Enel last May acquired the Tynemouth battery energy storage system (BESS) located in Newcastle, UK, a lithium ion battery with a capacity of 25MW/12.5 MWh, which is due to be completed at the beginning of 2018.

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