Emerging Israeli Cleantech Sector Offers New Opportunities for the Global Smart Energy Industry

The Israeli Cleantech sector is growing fast both in size and reputation.
Published: Thu 25 Sep 2014

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Israel is being described as the hotbed of cleantech entrepreneurship. According to the 2014 Global Cleantech Innovation Index, the country has the most potential to produce and commercialize entrepreneurial cleantech start-up companies.

The report states that the country generates the culture, education, ‘chutzpah’, as well as survival instincts needed to harvest innovation in cleantech - an industry based on “environmentally friendly” technologies that make use of recycling and renewable energy and reduce pollution.

Israel’s cleantech has a “can-do” attitude

In the past three years, Israel had 19 cleantech companies voted onto the shortlist of the Global Cleantech 100 index. Israel was ranked first among 40 countries for the innovation of its industrial developments and the large number of its start-up companies. The index report says Israel has made accomplishments despite its small domestic market and sensitive geopolitical situation.

Founding partner of Israel Cleantech Ventures (ICV), Jack Levy, says that per capita, Israel has the most start-ups, particularly in cleantech. Although Israel is 60-plus years old, the country’s private sector is really young. He says that the economic sector’s dynamism comes from the fact that its roots are in the 1980s and 1990s. He adds that military experiences teach young Israeli’s responsibility and gives them a “can-do” attitude. Israel also has a risk-taking culture. Another explanation for Israel’s cleantech is its shortage of natural resources -- water, land, oil. For this reason, resources have to be used efficiently.

Cleantech index focuses on innovation and commercialisation

Every year Cleantech Group and the World Wildlife Fund publish the global cleantech index, based on innovation and the ability to commercialize various technologies.

The cleantech index defines cleantech industry as based on “getting more from less” and profitably. It means using less raw materials, water and energy, but also dealing with soil pollution and sewage treatment, food production, irrigation and fertilization.

Until recently, the main development of cleantech was in the energy field, but the industry has expanded to include a spectrum of environmental issues. Within a few years the industry’s scope of activity is expected to involve hundreds of billions of dollars.

In the coming years the ability to implement Israel’s cleantech technologies will be tested both in the world and domestic markets. Israel already has an association to advance the use of renewable energies and a special Knesset committee has recently been set up for this purpose, headed by MK Hanna Swaid (Hadash).

‘Start-up nation’ offers cleantech opportunities

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