Egypt Invests in Smart Grid Technologies

Smart grid technologies will stabilize the power transmission network in remote parts of Egypt.
Published: Wed 09 Apr 2014

With an aging power grid and a surging demand for power supply, Egypt needs an innovative way of managing its consumption.

This calls for more advanced grid technologies which can efficiently manage the network, thereby ensuring a reliable and stable electricity supply in remote areas especially.

Stabilizing the grid

It is for this reason that the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) has signed a contract with Siemens’ smart grid division to have two new SCADA systems installed in Upper and Middle Egypt at Nagaa-Hamadi and Samalout respectively. The technology will be deployed to stabilize the power transmission network in these remote areas of Egypt. This forms part of a national plan to expand the power network.

A consortium of Siemens Egypt, Siemens AG, and Sumitomo will implement the latest version of the SCADA-EMS (Spectrum Power 7) software.

The EGP300 million (US$43 million) turnkey project includes the delivery of all software and related-hardware and all civil and electromechanical works. Also included is the connection of 150 substations to the national grid as well as the installation works, commissioning, and training services.

The project is expected to take three years to implement.

The deployment of Spectrum Power 7 will enable the grid operator to improve the availability and transparency of the transmission network by advancing and enhancing the operation and resilience of the grid.

Reliable power supply-a priority

Engineer Ahmed Hanafy, Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company chairman says, “The project is given high priority in light of its role in developing and improving the electricity services in the country. It will help make the power supply in Upper Egypt more stable and reliable. Contributing to reducing outage times, the new system will allow us to continuously monitor the national grid.”

Balancing power generation and power consumption at all times remains a key challenge in Egypt. In order to overcome this, advanced network calculation applications need to be employed to protect the high-voltage power grid against overload outages.