Dutch DSO Enexis deploys first European LTE Cat1 smart meter

Enexis has launched a large-scale rollout of Sagemcom ESMR5 smart electricity meters using mobile LTE Cat1 communication technology.
Published: Thu 13 Jul 2017

The launch of Dutch regional network energy operator Enexis’s large-scale deployment of smart electricity meters with mobile LTE cat1 communication technology is due this month. This comes a year and half after the meter provider Sagemcom won the tender to provide the XS210 single phase meter and T210 three phase meter.

The ESMR5.0 meters and the rollout by Sagemcom follow the completion of field trials which were accredited by a third-party laboratory.

Through the use of wireless Mbus communication, the ESMR5 smart electric meters are fully interoperable with all ESMR5 compliant smart gas meters.

Enhancing the smart grid

According to Rutger van der Leeuw, Director of the Customer and Market of Enexis, the ESMR5.0 meters will enhance the quality of its smart grid.

He added that the development of the ESMR5. 0 LTE smart meter is an ”integral part of our large scale roll-out roadmap and helps us to achieve our goal of deploying smart metering to at least 90% of our customers' homes with a view on increasing awareness about energy consumption and enhancing grid management capabilities."

The new combination of electricity and gas meters will offer real time information on energy consumption to help reduce energy consumption as well as reduced energy costs for customers, according to Enexis.

Enexis’ smart meter plans

In 2008, a European Union (EU) directive stipulated that 80% of energy customers must be able to monitor their own energy consumption by 2020.

The Dutch government responded by making a legal requirement for energy operators to install smart metering technology in homes.

To meet these targets, Enexis, one of three multi-utility distribution system operators in the Netherlands, has to deploy approximately 5 million smart meters, each transmitting energy consumption data once a day, every day. Since 2011, Enexis no longer installs conventional meters; every new meter installed in the grid is a smart meter. Enexis is said to be leading the rollout of smart meters in the country, with over 1.3 million units installed.

The operator has opted for electricity smart meters based on LTE (long-term evolution) mobile communication technology.

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