Digitization of the Energy System Occurring Worldwide

Francisco Romero, Business Development Director, Smart Infrastructure Division, Schneider Electric
Published: Tue 26 Nov 2013

The utility is faced with a number of challenges today, and as a result, are moving towards smarter technology and the smart grid.

The main drivers for the development of the smart grid include:

  • Regulatory pressures from the government
  • The need to remove bulk generation and install more renewables
  • Improvement of cybersecurity as threats escalate
  • Big data which must be managed correctly in order to create a robust system and improve consumer engagement

These general challenges are experienced at different levels from country to country and a movement towards the adoption of smart grid and technology is helping to resolve some of these issues.

A strong political stance or backing is essential to the development of smart grid as this will fast-track some of these processes. Smart metering pilots are currently being established globally to check optimal performance levels. Major smart grid and smart meter developments are taking place in Latin America, China, South Africa and India. A great deal of investment is being ploughed into these projects and some deadlines are very ambitious as utilities realize the importance of smart grid adopti