Developing Markets in Africa Offer Potential

Local partnerships will give vendors a better understanding of local energy needs.
Published: Tue 30 Jun 2015

In a live studio interview at African Utility Week, Mark Coyle, Vice President, Cyan Technology, speaks about his company’s interest in developing nations around the world. He says that Cyan Technology is keen to support their social and economic development because as these markets enjoy more prosperity and connect more people to energy and enhance the quality of the electricity service, there will be more interest shown in smart solutions.

Mr Coyle says that it is important to focus on market needs from the very start. He explains, “We aim to be an enabling party in their growth. This means that their success is our success.”

Understand local market first

Cyan is currently focused on developing the fastest growing areas such as India, South America, China, and South Africa. He says that Africa in particular is “the next piece in the puzzle” as it is growing very quickly, has great talent and is very capable. “There is a real desire to grow economically as quickly as possible. This creates a real driver for energy requirements, energy supply and energy affordability and sustainability.”

He explains that when Cyan Technology wishes to enter a market, it first aims to create local partnerships in order to understand what the local needs and challenges are. “We work from the inside of the country, building up relationships and partnerships and then transferring our capabilities to locals,” he says.

Only then is it possible to share best practice from other developing countries around the world. “By doing this, we aim to create a collaboration across developing nations.”