Data Crunching In the Cloud

Handling data in the cloud offers more flexibility, security, cost-effectiveness, speed, and efficiency.
Published: Thu 04 Dec 2014

In this live studio interview at European Utility Week, Edwin Poot, Founder & Managing Director, Energyworx, speaks to Engerati about the positive aspects of cloud based solutions for the utility business.

Secure cloud-based solution

Poot points out that Energyworx’s aim is to offer the energy industry innovative technologies and services thereby enabling them to do smarter things and as a result, creating a more innovative business. Operating a data centre can be very costly so Energyworx developed a cloud-based solution for the energy industry, helping them to operate more efficiently in a cost-effective and secure manner.

Poot says that negative perceptions around cloud-based solutions are beginning to dissipate especially when they see that cloud is more secure and cost-effective than operating data centres. “Utilities often only do perimeter security. In the cloud you have a number of layers of security which are handled by different companies.” Energyworx’s cloud based solution also offers customers flexibility and control over their data.

Flexibility of cloud

Customers can also expect to enjoy the benefits of development and deployment with the cloud when they sign up with Energyworx. “Because we can focus on our core components and we are relying on cloud platform services, we can provide more releases each year. Cloud allows us to carry out rolling updates. We can install updates in the cloud six to eight times a year depending on our development process.” As a result, customers can instantly benefit from changes in the software if regulations require it or markets start changing. These updates can cost utilities a fortune. “Customers have instant access to new features from new releases and they can adopt them immediately in their software.” Customers will also have the ability to build on Energyworx’s application programming interface. “They can use it how they want. They can build their own apps on it and extend on it easily. The energy market needs flexibility and this is what we are offering.”

“We have become a strategic platform or solution in the utility environment. By using the cloud, instead of their own data centres, utilities can save money and time by scaling up or down according to their data crunching needs. There is no need to order extra machines. The only limit is their daily budget.”