Creating An Energy Efficient Telecommunications Business

Dutch telecommunications firm KPN is reducing its energy consumption despite increasing data volumes.
Published: Mon 15 Dec 2014

In the live studio interview at European Utility Week, Marga Blom,  Manager Energy Management, describes KPN'S energy efficiency programme.

The Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company has been working to prevent its energy consumption from growing as fast as its data storage since 2008.  The company also aims to help its customers to reduce their energy consumption.

According to Blom, the company’s fixed telecommunications grew at about 200% over 3 years, and the mobile telecommunications volume doubles every year.

From 2011, KPN began to see a reduction in its absolute energy consumption due to its energy efficiency programmes. Based on this success, new energy efficiency goals, leading up to 2020, have been put into place.

Fast return on investment

Blom indicates that these programmes have a positive business case and that the return on investment is between one to three years.

Efficiency levels were reduced by ridding the company of unused equipment which save 30-40GWh per year. Cooling in data centres and large technical buildings also reduced energy usage and 36% electricity was saved by decreasing office space or time spent in the office. Many staff members are encouraged to work from home to reduce energy in office buildings.

“Every part of the business contributed towards putting the energy efficiency strategy together and now everyone is involved and understands that it is good for the business, as well as KPN’s sustainability programme.”