China’s Kaifa joins with IBM and AMT-SYBEX to offer end-to-end service

China's Kaifa is building an end-to-end smart metering solution to capture more market share.
Published: Wed 25 Jun 2014
China meter manufacturer Shenzhen Kaifa Technology (Kaifa), a subsidiary of Greatwall Technology, has partnered with IBM and UK software maker AMT-SYBEX to build an end-to-end smart metering solution. The aim is to take a larger market share.

Making lives easier

Jackie Yan, senior manager of the metering division at Kaifa, commented on the reasons for forging the partnership: “Previously, our metering division focused on delivering various metering devices to energy companies and other utilities. However, we realised that by moving up the value chain and supplying end-to-end smart metering solutions, we could make our customers’ lives easier by creating a one-stop solution that would eliminate arguments between the system provider and meter providers if communication problems were found in the field – and this would also enable us to win new business.”

Import and store data more efficiently

Kaifa said that “tackling the big data problem faced by many of our clients was outside our skill-set” so they looked to outside suppliers to assist.
Kaifa built a smart metering solution based on the company’s head-end system and the AMT-SYBEX’s Affinity Meterflow meter data management application.
Affinity Meterflow offers a single platform for processing data from both traditional and smart meters and incorporates IBM’s Informix TimeSeries software, which is designed to import and store time-stamped data more efficiently than traditional relational databases, and make data available for real-time queries.
Yan said: “Choosing Affinity Meterflow and the Informix technology will allow us to integrate meter data with upstream customer and billing platforms on a vast scale. It combines what we see as our partners’ greatest strengths: IBM’s ability to develop scalable platforms that can handle massive volumes of data efficiently, and AMT-SYBEX’s industry-specific expertise in managing data-flows and data analysis.”

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