Cameroon Calls for Investment in Energy Projects

Cameroon is setting itself up as an attractive option for investors to want to invest in the energy sector.
Published: Mon 04 Aug 2014

Cameroon’s government has set ambitious economic goals for 2035 and expects the country to be energy independent by then in order to achieve these goals. However, a lot must be done in order to meet these energy needs, says Martin Mesumbe, Director of Petroleum Products and Gas, Ministry water and energy, Cameroon, who spoke to Engerati at the Africa Energy Forum.

Cameroon has a significantly high hydro potential but less than 10% of this is exploited currently. Today, the production capacity from hydro is 1000MW and the government is aiming for 3500MW by 2020. The country is also in the process of establishing a reliable and varied energy mix which will include renewables and natural gas. Distributed generation for rural areas, which do not have access to the grid, is also high on the government’s list of priorities as far as electricity goes. There are also interconnectivity plans with Chad and Nigeria which will be a building block towards sustainability.

While there are a number of projects in the pipeline, financing is still required, explains Mesumbe. “This is why we attend the forum. We make a lot of contacts to get investors interested in Cameroon. The country is politically stable and the appropriate legislation has been put in place to support project development.”