Businesses Awarded for Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships recognizes four National Grid commercial customers for their commitment to energy efficiency.
Published: Mon 09 Jun 2014

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) chose four organizations, Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods, Chestnut Hill Realty, Citizens Bank, and Union College as this year’s Business Leaders.

Businesses saving energy and money

Each business was honoured for their on-going contribution to energy efficiency through their operations. These initiatives have saved them a significant amount of energy and money.

The Northeast Business Leaders for Energy Efficiency recognition program highlights the accomplishments of organizations that are participating in energy efficiency programs across the region. The businesses were chosen based on their success to:


  • Achieve energy savings through investment in cost efficient measures

  • Address comprehensive changes in major energy systems such as lighting, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), building envelope, office equipment and industrial processes, with a focus on improvements in multiple fuel categories

  • Continue improvements in energy performance through management level support and operational practices

  • Demonstrate leadership to advance energy efficiency and to promote its benefits within their communities.

Here are the National Grid New England and New York customers which have been recognized for their efforts:


  • Cedar’s Mediterranean Foods

The Massachusetts-based company is continually looking at innovative ways to reduce costs and increase productivity. The company was recognized for two major energy efficiency projects, which not only resulted in energy and cost savings but also enabled them to eliminate some equipment and reduce electrical load on others.

  • Chestnut Hill Realty

The company owns and operates over 4500 apartments and townhouses at 27 multifamily properties in Greater Boston and Rhode Island. The company’s green initiatives include conservation of energy spent on heating, hot water and lighting, water conservation, recycling, and education of residents and staff at its properties. The company’s green policies are geared toward cutting fuel consumption and saving natural resources, whilst improving the comfort and quality of life of their residents.

  • Citizens Bank

Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, the company implemented several energy efficiency projects across their portfolio. These measures included, lighting retrofits and lighting controls, exterior lighting, and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning enhancements. Over the last several years the company has put a plan in place to reduce their energy consumption across all their Rhode Island locations including large data centers, office buildings and their own Rhode Island branches.

  • Union College

The school has implemented multiple energy and cost saving systems at its Schenectady, New York campus including improvements to the school library’s cooling and air handling system which utilize geothermal wells. The new system allows for better control of required temperature and humidity levels in the building. In addition, the school installed a new high-efficiency natural gas boiler that replaced an existing boiler in a student residence hall.

Committed to energy efficiency

“NEEP is proud to recognize these National Grid customers for their success and commitment to energy efficiency,” said Sue Coakley, Executive Director of NEEP. “They provide an excellent example of how energy efficient measures can improve an organization’s bottom line, contribute to economic growth and reduce environmental impact.”

"National Grid is pleased to stand alongside our customers who have demonstrated great leadership in addressing the many complex challenges we face today with energy and environmental issues" said Ed White, National Grid's Vice President of Customer Strategy and Environmental. "They demonstrate how we all can all benefit from pragmatic and sensible practices to reduce our energy costs and strengthen our communities."

The National Grid customers were recognized, along with ten other Northeast Energy Efficiency Business Leaders, at the 2014 Northeast Energy Efficiency Summit.

The commercial sector consumes a great deal of energy, putting a significant amount of strain on the grid. Therefore, initiatives like the Northeast Business Leaders for Energy Efficiency recognition program, make businesses realise not only how much they can save on their utility bills, but also how their actions can strengthen energy security. Companies are also recognized as environmentally friendly which goes a long way in today’s markets as consumers are becoming more environmentally aware and tend to support “greener” companies and institutions.