British Gas Helps Business Sector Improve Energy Efficiency

Elster to supply 100,000 advanced gas meters to British Gas Business’s business customers as part of its energy efficiency strategy.
Published: Fri 01 Aug 2014

British Gas Business (BGB), the UK’s largest non-domestic gas supplier, has selected metering firm, Elster, as its primary partner for the provision of advanced gas metering.

Elster, Europe’s largest provider of non-domestic meters, will be supplying up to 100,000 advanced Commercial and Industrial gas meters over the next three years to a large part of British Gas Business’s UK customer base.

Improving accuracy and frequency of data

Under this arrangement Elster will provide its next generation range of themis diaphragm gas meters, with flexible embedded GPRS communications and Zone 0 ATEX accreditation. Elster will also supply its RABO range of rotary meters with encoder communications. Both of these technologies are aimed at improving the accuracy and frequency of data which BGB is able to provide to its business customers, enabling them to more easily understand and manage their energy more effectively.

This extensive deployment programme will be undertaken on behalf of BGB by its chosen Meter Asset Management (MAM) partners, Energy Assets Plc and Smart Metering Systems Plc, both of whom have long and proven working relationships with Elster.

The themis range of meters utilises a modular UMI communications protocol which supports a flexible approach to future change requirements, effectively future-proofing smart solutions.

Steve Case, UK Smart Programme Executive, for Elster commented: “We are delighted that BGB have chosen Elster for this pioneering project. This is the first significant advance in gas metering technology within this sector for many years, and we are confident that this will benefit BGB, our MAM partners Energy Assets and Smart Metering Systems and, more importantly, BGB’s customers.”

Matt Idle, Director of Customer Operations, British Gas commented:

“Since 2008 we have made significant efforts to ensure that all of our customers could benefit from advanced metering, and this agreement is the next step in this journey. The meters provided by Elster will enable our corporate customers to benefit from innovative technology, which will make it easier for them to control and reduce their energy costs.”

British Gas helping its business customers

The latest meter delivery to their business customers, forms part of British Gas’s energy efficiency plan for business customers. [Engerati-Customer-Led Network Revolution-Customer Engagement Plan.]

Nick Grant, Smart Metering programme and infrastructure director, recommends that businesses should start looking at their energy provider as a delivery partner, working with them to control their costs and make their energy usage as efficient as possible.

British Gas is aiming to help businesses become more energy efficient by offering the following services and products:


  • Energy supply-Providing businesses with the appropriate gas and energy supply

  • Retrofitting to save energy-Through optimisation, British Gas aims to assist businesses make significant energy savings

  • Getting electric vehicles to the business sector

  • Insulation-Improving heating efficiency using external wall, cavity wall and loft insulation

  • Short term operating reserve-With a Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) programme, businesses can earn money from their standby generators

  • Renewable power and microgeneration-British Gas will help businesses choose the most suitable solution

  • Energy audits and health checks-To help businesses identify where they are needlessly wasting energy. British Gas will help identify simple energy saving solutions.

In addition to various services and technological solutions, British Gas has set up the Energy Efficiency Fund which is designed to help micro-businesses manage their energy costs in the long-term, by providing free expert advice and energy efficiency measures. Eligible businesses will receive a free on-site energy survey, as well as fully-funded installations of energy saving measures valued up to £6,000 per business, helping you save money on your energy bill.

Site surveys will be carried out by trained professionals and will identify the right range of measures that can be delivered at your site – this could include new LED lighting, a boiler replacement, new insulation or other methods to control your energy use.

Engaging with business customers

Through site-specific technical surveys and detailed energy reports, British Gas aims to show their business customers how the latest technology, together with everyday best practices, can produce real and lasting energy savings.

They also aim to meet their customers’ unique needs and will help them to prioritise energy saving initiatives by financial objectives or by carbon dioxide reduction.

British Gas offers a wide range of expertise to engage with the business customer:


  • Site energy audits

  • Energy consumption analysis

  • Carbon strategies and advice on maximising opportunities from legislation

  • Business cases shared

  • Support for grants

  • Staff energy awareness campaigns

  • Consultancy offered to provide valuable insight and expertise when developing an energy strategy

By offering these additional services (over and above supplying the power) and showing their business customers that they care about their consumption levels and bills, trust will be built over time. [Engerati-It’s A Utility Jim, But Not As You Know It…]

“Controlling energy use needs to be viewed like any other management tool – starting with energy efficiency, and moving into opportunities to generate revenue from assets businesses already own. This change in approach could be vital to sustaining many businesses in today's challenging economic climate,” concludes Grant.