Biomass-A great Opportunity for Under-Developed Countries

Jairo Gonzalez, VP of Electric Power Generation, SoEnergy
Published: Tue 25 Jun 2013

SoEnergy is working towards creating a renewable power solution in Latin and Central America. The firm also has its eye firmly on Africa since the areas share very similar challenges and opportunities. Mr Gonzalez points out that biomass, as a source of energy, is the ideal solution for these countries as they require power urgently and they have the land required for biofuel production. In addition, biomass is a reliable source of energy and is environmentally-friendly.

The firm ‘s team has already bought 5000h of land to grow a special type of grass for biofuel production. The power plant is expected to supply 20MW. Climate plays a large part when it comes to choosing the grass type but irrigation systems and drains are installed in order for the grass to flourish year-round. According to Mr Gonzalez, the project is already on the road to success.