Big Data Improves Utility Operations

Harnessing the growing volume of data from the grid enables a proactive approach to utility operations.
Published: Tue 25 Nov 2014

Big data is all about collecting and bringing together the large volumes of data being generated in the grid to analyze it in near real-time to improve utility operations, Peter Sigenstam, VP and head of E.ON Innovation Centre Distribution, and Daryl Rolley, executive VP Global Sales at Ventyx, agree in an Engerati studio interview at European Utility Week 2014.

E.ON Smart Grid Control Centre

This is illustrated in E.ON’s Smart Grid Control Centre, which has been run as a proof-of-concept joint project to improve the company’s power system operations. “It’s about being proactive, looking into the next hour and next 24 hours to understand where there are constraints in the network and how these can be mitigated,” explains Sigenstam.

Both Sigenstam and Rolley believe that the consumer goods sector and industries such as banking and finance can provide inspiration to optimizing big data in the energy sector. They also cite the oil and mining industries, with their expertise in asset management and utilization.

Rolley encourages other utilities “to get started” with data analytics. “The results that E.ON is seeing can be applied to any number of global utility players.”