Asset Optimisation – A Big Trend in Africa’s Utilities

African utilities can meet most of their goals by optimising their existing assets through data.
Published: Wed 08 Jul 2015

In a live studio interview at African Utility Week, Mike Ballard, Senior Director of Industry Strategy at Oracle Utilities, talks about the current trends in Africa’s energy industry.  

Africa’s main energy industry trends

Mr Ballard highlights asset optimization as the biggest trend. He says the extension of a generation plant’s life is a key factor. Other trends in Africa include the improvement of accessibility (and the many ways of achieving it), building local skills so that the local industry can be self sufficient, and improving customer engagement by meeting the needs of the digitally-enabled customer.

Proactive maintenance of assets

Mr Ballard says there should be more focus on the proactive maintenance of assets through the use of data. He suggests, “A more predictive approach to maintenance will result in better production levels and a bigger ‘bang for your buck’.” The proper analysis of data will also help improve revenue management and it will enable utilities to target customers who have the capability of becoming prosumers.