Asia’s Utilities Prepare for Change

Asia’s utilities recognize the need to alter current business models which may be impeding development.
Published: Fri 17 Jul 2015

In this live studio interview at Asian Utility Week, Dr Sukanta Kumar Jena, head of China, Hong Kong and South East Asia, CYIENT, talks about both the challenges and opportunities that exist in South East Asia’s energy sector.

Utilities recognise the need to change models

He says that challenges stem from the fact that each country in the region is unique. He adds that local partnerships can also prove to be a challenge for many investors when attempting to tender for projects. But, despite varying challenges, utilities are beginning to recognize that roadblocks need to be removed in order to make the tendering process easier for investors and developers. “Utilities realize that sometimes new rules and regulations have to be put into place in order to make procurement easier.”

He recommends that utilities and government come together and think how citizens’ lives can be made easier. He adds, “They should also consider changing their current business models and regulations in order to accommodate successful project implementation.”