Africa Needs A “Mixed Bag of Power"

Mini- and microgrids have a role to play alongside centralized grid in Africa.
Published: Mon 22 Jun 2015

Knox Msebenzi, Executive Director, Power Institute for East and Southern Africa (PIESA), at African Utility Week, explains that Africa should be looking at the development of the central grid, as well as mini- and microgrids as they all have an important role to play in supplying various areas with power. For instance, microgrids would be more suited to isolated areas.

Meeting various generation and distribution needs

He adds that while distributed energy offers a wide range of opportunities and benefits, the centralized power grid should not be overlooked by African countries when it comes to urban areas. “Distributed generation should not be developed at the expense of central grid development.”

Msebenzi discusses the benefits of having a “mixed bag of energy” including clean coal and renewable energy sources. He points out that nuclear power has much potential for the African continent too. He also discusses the importance of power sources working together in a complementary manner.