Africa Must Be More Proactive When Seeking Investment

Africans need to make themselves more visible to investors and energy conferences is one way in which to do this.
Published: Tue 22 Jul 2014

To attract investment, more Africans representing the commercial and government sector should attend energy conferences, says Ralph B Pout, Founder and CEO, COPI Development, who spoke to Engerati at the Africa Energy Forum. He adds, “Their involvement will be a sign that things are happening there.”

Pout says that these representatives should be more proactive in attracting investment into Africa’s energy sector. He says that a lack of communication and inability to converse in the English language could be preventing many Africans from attending conferences since most are conducted in English. “The language of money is English and many Africans who are seeking business opportunities are beginning to realize this.”

“Opportunity develops a country and you need to build on that opportunity in order to develop good projects. There is a lot of work to be done as electricity access is still too low in Africa,” explains Pout.

COPI Development wants to be a part of this development and the firm has started a number of projects around Africa. For instance, the firm is looking at compressed natural gas as one of the solutions to resolving the power crisis in Africa.

“We need to craft policies and frameworks that will address all the issues that African countries face when it comes to energy development. It’s important to have experienced people and management teams around you. All avenues must be considered so that the best route can be chosen.”