Africa Energy Forum-A Good Place to Close Deals

The Africa Energy Forum event has grown considerably and continues to attract investors around the world.
Published: Wed 16 Jul 2014

The Africa Energy Forum has grown considerably from its humble beginnings in 1995 where it started life as the Europe-South Africa Business Forum.

Rod Cargill one of the founders of the Africa Energy Forum says that the idea was to promote the development of energy and power in South Africa. However, a wider canvas was required to promote the African continent’s development. This event then became the Africa Energy Forum - its first event kicked off in 1998 in the Netherlands.

Cargill points out that this event is essential for economic development in Africa since power drives everything. “The idea was to create an investment market in Europe so that investors could be approached more easily in one place. Africa no longer wanted to wait for foreign investors. It was then decided to hold the event annually in order to slowly build a market place.”

Every year, the attendee numbers grow in response to the closure of power deals as a result of the event.