Acoustics Helps Detect Large - Scale Water Losses

Municipalities’ water losses are reaching 80% and this can be reduced with acoustics technology.
Published: Wed 11 Jun 2014


Neglect has led to major water infrastructure degradation throughout Africa. This leads to massive water losses, as well as revenue. This is according to Con Badenhorst, director of National Leak Detection, who spoke to Engerati at the African Utility Week.

He explained that water losses range from 30% to 80%. These figures are crippling municipalities. “South Africa is a disaster with water. Not much focus is placed on this resource as it is very cheap but the problem is that we don’t have a lot of it. It is critical that this resource is protected.”

National Leak Detection offers a sound technology which is able to pick up large-scale water losses. The technology helps locate and isolate water losses so that the entire network does not have to be switched off.

Acoustics, using ultra-sensitive microphones, help municipalities to hear for power leaks on the large scale water system. The automated technology also helps municipalities to react proactively to leaks as not only does it locate leaks, it also picks up weaknesses in the infrastructure. The technology provides municipalities with a daily report so that they can stay on top of things.

“If the right equipment is adopted, nothing else is required," says Mr Badenhorst.