90MW UK wind farm gets energy storage

The Burbo Bank offshore wind farm near Liverpool, UK, will feed energy into a 2MW battery storage system.
Published: Fri 01 Sep 2017

The battery system, to be supplied by ABB, will support the integration and transmission of power from DONG Energy’s 90MW facility. The wind farm has been in operation since 2007 and is capable of supplying electricity for up to 80,000 British homes.

The wind farm has recently been extended and has positioned the UK as a global leader in wind technology. Each of the 195m-tall turbines in the Burbo Bank extension has more than twice the power capacity of those in the neighbouring Burbo Bank windfarm completed a decade ago.

This will be the first time an offshore wind farm integrates such a storage system to stabilise the frequency of the grid in the UK.

Grid flexibility

The battery system is to provide frequency response services to the grid, responding to fluctuations in supply and demand to maintain the UK grid’s operating frequency of 50Hz.

The need for these resources is becoming more acute especially when dealing with the variable nature of wind energy generator output.

Ole Kjems Sørensen, Senior Vice President, Partnerships, M&A and Asset Management at the Danish firm said: “The need for grid flexibility continues to grow. As a leader in providing low carbon energy, we are keen to be part of the solution to make the energy system smarter and to help National Grid manage grid stability.” Sørensen added that if the project is successful, it will be replicated elsewhere.

Integration of clean energy

According to ABB’s managing director for high voltage products, Giandomenico Rivetti, the solution will support the integration of clean wind energy without compromising grid stability and power quality to consumers.

He added that energy storage is playing a key role in the evolution of the power network and is a strategic focus area for the company to “reinforce their position as a partner of choice for a stronger, smarter and greener grid.”

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